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    Double-clicking on a .psd file to open in Photoshop results in a headache.

    stevengootgeld Level 1

      I have the full featured Adobe CC account.

      When I open the Adobe CC app, or click on the executable Photoshop file, I can open Photoshop with no problem.

      When I double-click one of my Photoshop .PSD files, Adobe says I have 0 (zero) days of my "trial" left and it wants me to register my serial number!

      What the heck is this about? My account is always paid up. I have never had to enter serial numbers before. Is there a serial number for each of the numerous programs I have installed? Why doesn't Adobe recognize that I am a long-standing paying customer? How do I enter all my serial numbers? Where do I find all my serial numbers?


      Does anyone know how to stop all this Adobe nonsense?


      This is a screen shot of the start of my headaches with Adobe:   Obviously I do not want a trial, as I am a full CC feature customer. So I click on "License this Software" and it demands that I enter a serial number. Is there only one number for the CC suite? Or does it want a Photoshop-only number?...it does not tell me which serial number it wants me to enter.