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    Lightroom 6.8 update via Adobe Application Manager

    mfd14534 Level 1

      I have a MacBook Pro and a Mac Mini both on Sierra 10.12.2. 


      On one machine I can update both Photoshop and Lightroom by going to Help> Updates in LR or PS.  Adobe Application Manager is launched, and updates are checked and downloaded.  But on one machine only Photoshop CS 6 is listed in Adobe Application Manager.  On the other machine both LR and PS are listed and can be updated.


      If I log out of adobe.com by Help> Signout  when I log back in it says I have 7 days left on my trial (the software is licensed).  If I enter my license key it is accepted but I still can't update LR because it isn't listed an Adobe Application Manager.


      If I try to download the 6.8 update file, the install fails with "The Patch is not applicable to you."


      What's going on here?  I tried to reinstalled Adobe Application Manager and that didn't help and on the other machine, both PS and LR were updated.