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    [MAC] adobe indesign 2017 - when pressing space it goes back to start of paragrah

    merkz97 Level 1



      I have a user that has a "weird" problem in the program.


      Whenever the user is pressing "space" it goes back to start of the paragraph. but when she continues to type again, it goes back to the end of the paragrah like nothing happened. Its just frustrating that it keeps jumping back to the start. She also has a problem that if she types some digits like "2017", when she types letters after it comes up before the digits, not after. (for example adsada 2017".)


      I`ve tried looking at the settings, but they are so difficult to decipher. Googling didnt help either, so this is my last resort


      Can anyone help? I`ll provide with the best answer if there are any questions.