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    editing a business card


      Hello fellow photoshoppers,


                            I am working on making business cards for my employer and I have run into a problem getting the colors of the logo (separate image file) and the colors of the text to be the same color. I have two files open on my canvas and one is the original business card and the other image is the logo for the business card. How can I copy the one file image of the logo into the file for the original cards background and still be able to get the logo to show up good quality and size without making the logo to small? Another problem I had when I thought that the business card was good to print was the fact that after I pasted the full business card jpg including logo the size of the image got smaller and now when I compare the file size with the original jpg of the business card the file size is slightly smaller. If anyone can tackle this problem I would greatly appreciate it.I have crossed out personal info and that is why there are black marks.


      Win 10 OS, Photo Shop Ver CC2017


                                                                                                                                                 Thank you


      below is the original size of the card. The Wanted should be bold as well as the phone number.


      This is the card that I edited. The size is much smaller. The Wanted is bolder but not the phone number. Both cards should be a different color closer to orange.



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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not sure what you are asking? Editing a .jpg is never a good idea for a business card.


          Since there is really nothing more than text and a logo here it would be so much easier to just build it from scratch rather than trying to match colours and text exactly on the existing card. The reason you are likely having two different sizes is that they were perhaps scanned each at two different resolutions? Do they print out the same size?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            I have to agree with Brad. The quality of your original is so poor, it's not worth putting up with. Rebuild it from scratch.



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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              With a brand name as massive as HD, you just know there will be a vector download.  Yep.  It's an eps file which is not good for Photoshop, but I just opened it in Illustrator; copied it to a CC Library, and I now have it as a vector object in Photoshop.  The resat of it is plain sailing, as they say.  I guess I am saying the same as Brad and Mylenium.  It would be unthinkable to do this as an image file.


              Harley-Davidson | Brands of the World™ | Download vector logos and logotypes


              I didn't look too closely at your fonts because of the low IQ, but I used Arial Black and Arial Bold and sampled the orange from the HD logo.

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                diggdug39 Level 1

                Hey I really like what you did there with the logo colors. I was given a separate image of the HD logo to work with and incorporate it into the business card. When I resized the logo it looked so pixelated and the words were really scrunched up after it printed. It looked good with color and quality when I was making it on screen but printing it didn't look so good. How would I make this from scratch? I am still new to photoshop.

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                  melissapiccone Adobe Community Professional

                  Make it in Illustrator! if you have Illustrator, use it.


                  If not, you need to start with a 300ppi file in PS.

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                    Bo LeBeau Level 4

                    Since all the elements on the original card are the same color i suspect that this was printed on a press using a spot color.

                    The fact that the original card was red makes this highly likely. Depending on the company that printed this, orange may have required an additional charge so they went with red which is one of the standard color choices for companies that do spot color printing.


                    If this is the case, then the Harley logo needed to be changed to a single color logo rather than 2 colors since a 2 spot color card is more expensive than a 1 spot color card. Everything that is orange in the eps logo needs to be changed to white and everything that is black needs to be changed to orange.


                    You will need to change the logo using Illustrator. You can then create your business card entirely in Illustrator using only an orange spot color for everything on the card.


                    If and only if this card will be printed digitally on a copier/printer should you even try to use Photoshop and since you admit to being new to Photoshop this may be more trouble that it is worth. Be aware that the small size of the logos will have registration issues and that any black element needs to be C0, M0, Y0, K100.


                    I would suggest you have the original printer recreate this card with the changes you want and pay the extra charge for Orange.

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                      diggdug39 Level 1

                      How can I make this in Illustrator?

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                        Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Photoshop is great for image editing & painting.  But it's not ideal for creating sharp, print-ready artwork.


                        For CMYK logos and business cards, you will get much better results with Illustrator & InDesign.  See tutorial below.

                        Create and print business cards in Adobe InDesign | Adobe InDesign CC tutorials