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    Temporarily Unable to Repair Corrupt Catalog message - how to fix?


      I've been using Lightroom for ages with no issues.  I have version 5.7.1, working with a PC.  The last couple of weeks, Lightroom was crashing and saying there was an issue with the preview cache.  I googled and the solution I found was to delete the previews.  I did that, and it seemed to work at first.  It crashed last night but after I'd been working for a pretty long time. 


      I then tried to open it today and it is unable to open.  The message it gives is titled "Temporarily Unable to Repair Corrupt Catalog".  The dialogue below says "Lightroom encountered problems reading or writing from disk when attempting to repair "Lightroom 4 Catalog 2-2"  The repair operation may succeed in future attempts.  If you wish to try again, please first check available disk space and close all other applications."


      I've tried several times now with the same result.  Nothing else is open, and I've tried rebooting my computer too.  I can't access my catalog.  I'd appreciate any help.