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    Weird problem : after rendering project in HD , problems playing through Chromecast

    Daniël VBossche

      Till now I export my Premiere Elements 15 projects to the preset HD1080.

      For most of my projects the resulting mp4 is OK but for some, when playing I through my Chromecast to TV the music track, and only the music track, faulters, seems to 'hesitate'. The videotracks are OK, including the sound going with them. When I recode using VidCoder to another mp4, everything is OK.

      I tried reducing / increasing the the framerate, bitrate, comparing lenght etc... . I encountered the problem with for the moment 3 files, while

      a lot of other projects rendered without a problem. Support chat told me  there is a difference with the encoding of the music track, the codec in which Elements is exporting the file is not compatible with Chromecast. If so I should have problems with each of the projects.

      I suspect the music track with the new feature of altering the lenght of the music being the cause of the problem, which should be an issue for Adobe.

      Anyone with the same experience ?