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    Can commas within topic titles and *.htm filenames affect hyperlink jumps?

    ChristyGTWE Level 1
      I have two topics that I'm trying to jump to from other topics. The thing these two topics have in common is that I originally used commas and apostrophes in the topic titles and *.htm filenames. This seemed to screw things up, since my jumps to the topics never worked.

      I deleted the topics that were causing problems and re-added them without using the punctuation. I still can't jump to these topics. To test whether there was a restriction on the maximum number of jumps you can add in one project, I created a jump to an entirely different topic - the jump worked.

      So, I think something got corrupted with these topics. I could try deleting them and adding them "fresh" again, but I thought I'd post here to see if anyone has come across the problem before.

      thanks in advance,