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    Went to open InDesign, chain of two errors.




      I recently installed the trial of indesign to see if it could help me print a comic book. Closed it to eat dinner, and when I came back opening it up gave me this:


      Trying to uninstall it leads me to this:

      Nothing helpful turns up, even on google. I tried going to the Adobe PCD and SLStore folders, and got through the PCD but there is no SLStore folder; I searched, went into c://. common files, programdata, etc. I can't find one.


      This is really frustrating, especially since the trial has no phone support. If It's got this much I'm just gonna not follow through with it. Any solutions?


      Thank you for your time.




      Managed to uninstall it by going through the cc hub, but now there's a new problem upon trying to install it:


      What the heck.