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    Exporting to PDF font appearance

    pablom58174554 Level 1

      I did a mock up for a catalog on illustrator and once i had something i like i started building it up in indesign. My problem came when i exported the file to PDF, the typography look super different. When i exported from illustrator this problem didn't happen. The catalog will be uploaded online and distributed as a PDF not as a printed book, so it is a big deal for me....I attached a screen-cap with the indesign PDF on the left and the illustrator PDF on the right side.

      Any help or advice its welcome, i spent all day trying exporting options but non seem to work....tracing the text make it look fine but i loose the option of changing it which sux....

      Thanks in advance and please forgive any miss spelling, english is not my mother language.

      typography problem.jpg