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    Artboard exports with *all* metadata?

    bcs marketing Level 1

      For the visuals we use on our (social media) posts, we use multiple separate files in the correct sizes for each site. Today I thought I'd combine them into one Photoshop file using artboards. Each artboard can have its own size and contents, it's nice and easy to copy content between artboards and it's easier to manage the various files (1 instead of 5 PSD files), so it seemed like a brilliant idea to save time and hassle.


      I quickly ran into a big problem: I can't get the artboards exported with all of the metadata in the files.

      We always include titles, headlines and descriptions as a lot of sites automatically copy that when you post an image, so it saves us time when posting.

      With a regular Save as or Save for web, all metadata gets saved, but when you use those options on a file with artboards, all boards get saved/exported in 1 file.

      When exporting via Quick export or Export as (from the layers panel), only a fraction of the metadata is retained.


      Is it simply impossible to use the artboards feature for a workflow such as what I intended, retaining all metadata we enter, or haven't I found the correct save/export option yet?