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    Large catalogue advice

    laurentc48856771 Level 1


      I have Lightoom CC and i have one large catalogue where I have 3 years of work, divided in 3 main folders (2014-2015-2016) and then divided in daily subfolders. The original files are stored in an external 3TB G-technology HD (that i back up with TM on another external HD) and the catalogue is stored in the computer (Imac 5K). I like this setup because i have all my pictures together and it is easy to modify old pictures if i need to. I have now filled the external drive and the time machine drive too.

      What would you advise me to do now? I don't pretend to have all years together because i don't think i will need to modify 2 years old pictures anymore but I would like to have together 2016 + 2017. So my idea is to make a brand new catalogue with 2016 and 2017 and keep my old catalogue '14-15-16 separated. Of course I will need to get two new external drives..

      First question, what do you think of this solution? Any other idea?

      Second question, how can i copy only 1 folder (year 2016) from the whole catalogue and put it in a new catalogue?

      Thank you very much,