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    Is it possible to have a hotkey make the character stand sideways?

    Q4T Level 1

      I know the answer is yes, but there is more to my question:

      My character has puppet arms stapled from the shoulders, so for the character to stand side on, both shoulders would have to come closer together.

      Is that even possible?


      My first instinct was to have it work frame by frame, giving the character maybe 20 different pairs of arms to tween from one to the other. However, those arms wouldn't know they're the same arm, so wouldn't behave as one.


      My next thought was maybe there was a way of just moving the shoulders, but I couldn't think of a way.


      The only way I can think of, is if I were to animate the entire body turning on its side as a fixed animation, and have the arms turn from a preset resting position, however that is a lot of work for very small payoff.

      Is there any other approaches?