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    Problems with Merged Index

      I have a project with a merged Index. I've had it working for years. Now I noticed the only entries that appear in the Index are the master index entries. None of my other index entries from other projects show up. The merged index works on the LAN and locak, but it doesn't work when I access the online help from the actual software. Any ideas what's going wrong?

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          Help. I am having this same problem. I have a master project that contains 25 slave projects. Previously all of the indexes were included on the index tab. I then decided I wanted to clean up my project environment. SO I tried removing all of the baggage slave chm files from the master project directory (thinking it would have no effect). I noticed after recompile that the only keywords in the index were from the master project. So I went in to Robohelp an added back all baggage files, recompiled, but I still only see the master keywords in the index. Any one have any idea why this might be happening, and what I can do to resolve it?

          Thanks in advance,
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            jhemmi Level 1

            My problem ended up resolving iteself a few days later. For some reason the information wouldn't show up in a merged .chm, but after a few days, it did show up. I never figured out why.

            Any chance you don't have the referenced .chm files in the same location as the master?

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              deanad Level 1

              Thanks for the reply. I was finally able to resolve the issue after some serious trial and error. Apparently adding back the baggage files to the project directory and recompiling was not enough. I had to actually delete the merged projects from the TOC project tab, then re- insert them. For some reason that allowed RH to pick up the changes. I recompiled and voila the merged indexes re appeared.