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    iOS app won't install after successful build- signing key issue?


      My phone gap app builds fine with no errors.   It's been working for a year, but now we've got to upload a new iOS signing key.    I followed the well-worn process to do that:


      1. create a new Apple dev cert and import it into my keychain

      2. export the private portion as .p12 file

      3. create a dev mobile provisioning profile with devices (yes, mine included) and that cert.

      4. create a new PG signing key using the .p12 and the provisioning profile.  Unlocked it OK.

      5. rebuilt the app (2250024), no errors.


      But when I use the QR code to install, nothing happens.  Blank Safari page.  Never get asked "OK to install?"


      Any help???  I wonder if it is not a cert problem?  how does one troubleshoot this?