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    photoshop cc vram probelm.


      I have mid 2010 macbook pro 15'' with 4gb of memory and two graphics cards , nividia Geforce gt 330m 256mb , and intel hd graphics also with 288 MB,
      i recently got both photoshop and illustrator 2017.
      the problem is photoshop giving an alert when starting up that is need at least 512mb of vram. i know that my graphics wouldn't complete that request. so after , using photoshop normally for 5 mins or so i get my mac kernel panic. i downgraded to photoshop cc 2015 , also had the same problem.
      now the issue is , that i have illustrator 2017 as i said , and it worl perfectlly fine wiht no crashes. i'm working with cinema 4d and after effects also nothing seems to happen.
      i also have my windows desktop which quite old , it comes with a low intel graphic card also 256 mb of vram , and i got the photoshop 2017 working perfectly with no crashes or issues. is it some kind of operating system problems? it makes no sense for now, could anyone explain this?
      thank you.