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    SaveAs is not a function


      Hello everybody,


      i tried to a button in an Adobe Acrobat pdf form with javascript to automate the saveas function with the file name from a textfield.

      I did a lot of research in the internet and found many examples and help postings so I know that I need folder level scripting because of security functions from adobe with the actual version of the reader.


      folder level script:

      myTrustedSaveAs = app.trustedFunction(function(vDoc,path)



      var myPath = "/C/Users/***username***/Downloads/test/" + "text1Value.pdf";

      vDoc.saveAs({cPath: myPath, bCopy: true, bPromptToOverwrite: false});




      button script:

      var text1Value = this.getField("Objekt").value;



      When I trie this scripts with the adobe reader it allways say "TypeError: event.target.myTrustedSaveAs is not a function" and I can't get that running.

      Maybe someone can help me get this running


      thank you for every help!