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    Transfer Public Library DRM book to Kobo reader


      My ADE is Authorized with my sign in.  I am capable of downloading an ebook (epub) from my Public Library to ADE.  It is readable in ADE.  My Kobo Reader icon is shown in ADE.  I then right click the Kobo reader & click "Authorize".

      I then drag the book to the Kobo icon & drop it in.

      When I open up the Kobo, the book is shown there as a recent addition (note: icon is black, book cover not illustrated).

      When I try to open the book in Kobo, I get the following : Oops! This document couldn't be opened.  Item is protected by ADE (DRM) and is not currently authorized with my Adobe ID.


      This seems to be an Adobe problem.  Kobo help says it is an ADE ?  Have I missed something somewhere in ADE setup ?  I can read the Library book in ADE...


      Please help, I am stuck.  I have reloaded ADE & still no help.