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    Syncing fonts across a design team


      Hi there,


      I was wondering what platforms, opportunities, or best practices there are when it comes to syncing fonts across a group of individuals (design team)?

      My team would like to be able to centrally manage their fonts for projects.

      From my understanding, TypeKit allows for a single individual (through their CC ID -- to be able to sync on their platform), but then those changes (adding/changing fonts) will not be distributed amongst the team.



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          mollybd Adobe Employee

          Hi Derek,


          If you're using fonts from Typekit there are unfortunately no solutions for syncing fonts across a team. Sync font selections in Typekit are tied to an individual user, and it is not possible to share this information with other accounts.


          Our team is looking into the possibility of team functionality for a future update, but we don't have a timeline to share as of yet. Apologies for the inconvenience.


          Best regards,