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    External Hard disk and lightroom questions



      I have  macbook pro touch and i happy to use him. I want use only him and for this i looking for an external hard drive for my full lightroom catalog (1,5tb at moment).

      Usually i work with lightroom in my desktop win but i use notebook when i am out of home.

      The problem is the long work because:

      i import photos into lightroom notebook->editing-> export photos as catalog into a pendrive->import photos as catalog into pc


      With an common external drive with lightroom:

      Import photos into lightroom notebook everytime-> editing->move photos into external drive                 


      I think external drive can give me the choice to fix photos into desktop and into macbook pro without make long ways or lost some files.

      I have a hard disk+box for make backup when i wish, so i don't need raids external disk.


      How is my idea?

      Lightroom can work into external hard disk or i need have 2 catalog (Macbook and desktop) ?

      Have you some hard disk tips to buy?

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          melissapiccone Adobe Community Professional

          You can have your catalog on your computer accessing images from an external drive. You don't need 2 catalogs.

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            The external drive is a good way to share your files between multiple computers.

            The easy thing to do is to put all your images on the external drive,

            and import the new images directly to the external drive (no internal drive needed),

            and put the Lightroom catalog on the external drive so that you don't need to copy it anywhere.


            There are two catches to this since you are using both mac and windows:

            - The external drive needs to be formatted in such a way that both operating systems can read and WRITE it.

            - Mac and Windows identify the drive differently. Each time you move the external drive to the other computer, you will need to do a "find missing folder" on the topmost folder(s) in the Folders panel.

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              Zeisso Level 1

              Thx a lot.

              My idea to use internal drive of my macbook is for avoid to go out of home with external drive and the varius risk (Lost it, privacy, ecc...).


              The problem with read/write with windows/mac is little big, but: Can I survive everytime with "find missing folder" or i will have risk to lost or damage my photos?

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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Finding the missing folder is really no big deal.  If you have your images organized so that they are all within one master folder then all you have to do is point Lightroom to that folder on the external hard drive on either computer. The only reason you'll have to find the missing folder is that the two computers will probably have different drive names for the external hard drive. It isn't going to damage your images or the catalog. So I don't see any real risk.

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                  Zeisso Level 1

                  My photos are into a only drive ( i rarely use other drive for photos)

                  My folder tree is this:

                  X:\lightroom->every event a folder->some events with 2-3 subfolders for video files or other category.


                  Can be a problem?


                  What is speed for USB C external box/drive?


                  Is better 2,5" or 3.5"drive?

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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    What problem are you anticipating? If the catalog and the images are on the external hard drive and the hard drive has the same letter designation on both computers, you won't even have to find any missing folders because they won't be missing. The only time  you'll have to find the missing folder  is if the drive letter is different.. And all you have to do is right-click on the top folder, which is Lightroom, and choose to update the folder location. Then you can show Lightroom where the images are. That's all there is to it.  Speed of the external hard drive probably isn't all that critical. The processor speed in the computer is what makes the most difference.

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