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    White Balance Tool Misbehaving

    Shawn Roach

      Windows 10 Pro, 64bit

      Camera Raw 9.8

      Bridge CC 2017 x64
      Photoshop CC 2017.0.1 20161130.r.29

      Use GPU is checked, with AMD HD7870


      Experiencing an issue where occasionally when opening multiple files into ACR from Bridge, White Balance tool acts like a zoom tool and does not function properly.   Upon selecting the white balance tool, cursor turns into eyedropper icon as expected.  When clicking, cursor changes to zoom rectangle and zooms in 100%.  Upon mouse release, zoom returns to fit screen.  Can't tell if I'm hitting some weird shortcut or if this is an actual bug?  Either way, it's very frustrating. 


      I left Bridge open the last time it happened (after hitting cancel in ACR), and when I tried opening the files again in ACR 10 minutes later it was working normally again.  I have no idea how to reproduce this problem.

      Things I've tried:

      - Closing and reopening

      - Resetting preferences when reopening

      - Restarting computer

      - Closing/Opening Photoshop and Bridge in different orders

      - Open with>Photoshop from Bridge context menu, which opens them in ACR but with the same issue


      I couldn't find anything similar reported on these forums but if anyone has any answers or ideas to try I'm all ears.