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    Certain numbers not importing to InDesign from Excel


      I work a lot with linked Excel tables in InDesign and have found that cells with variations of the number -1 (i.e. -100%, (1), -1) are blank when pulled into InDesign. I've found that formatting cells with -1 as text in Excel is the only way to get it to show up in InDesign, however, doing this messes up any calculations happening in the Excel file. Because of this I can't use the cell formatting workaround very often. The only other workaround I've figured out is manually entering the number for that cell directly into InDesign, which I have to redo each time that link gets updated and opens up the risk of missing one (since it's just a blank cell, there are no errors that come up for it). I have no clue what would cause this type of problem other than some type of glitch in the program, but I'm looking for any advice on how to fix this. Working with linked Excel files is the majority of what I do every day and this problem comes up way too often for me to keep trying to work around.


      I'm working with Microsoft Excel 2010 and Adobe InDesign CC 2015.4 Release ( x64 Build). I've experienced this problem through a couple InDesign updates on Creative Cloud.