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    Can't select certain items

    joet082964 Level 3

      I'm a semi-seasoned INDD user, but this has me stumped.


      I have lines on a page that I can't select.


      I have tried all these solutions:

      • Override all master page items has no effect - still can't select the lines
      • The lines are present in the assigned master page and I can select them there
      • I checked layers - none are locked but one of the layers turns off the lines I can't select
        • None of the individual objects in the layers palette will turn the lines off
        • I can only turn off the layer visibility of the lines in question of the "parent" layer
      • No objects on the page are locked
      • If I create a new page and assign the same master, I can override master items on that new page and delete lines there


      Any ideas on other things can affect the ability to select items on a page?