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    Parameters for redaction


      OK, going to be as specific as I can. This regards Acrobat XI Pro
      I have a group of documents on a mapped drive (on a server) that I want to combine and redact portions of.
      I use Windows Explorer, go to the drive, select the files I want to use (all PDFs) then right clic and select "Combine PDFs".

      It does that, and I have a document called 'portfolio.pdf'. Problem is, my redaction tools are gone, as is the top-right drop-down that used to allow me to select the tools to use.

      IF, however, I open the files one at a time, I can redact to my heart's content. But that's a lot of work: I'd have to save the redacted doc as something else to retain the original, then combine again.

      Is there some kind of stricture that I don't know about that keeps me from being able to do this? Permissions on individual docs I have to look at?

      I'm using Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, BTW, and fully patched Acrobat XI Pro.