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    Indesign (Constant Crashing) 2017 has become a head-on collision for my workflow.

    RCPDesign61 Level 1

      This CC2017 version of Indesign crashes fast and furiously. 2015 was so much more stable prior to the update. I have both 2017 & 2015 on the computer and since the update 2015 has become flaky as well. Seems to be related to placing .eps files, printing files, saving files. None of the prescribed fixes have worked. (I have tried everything, deinstall, reinstall, update font management, remove prefs, do this... do that. NADA. I really have no clue why the breakdown. I have used ID since inception and this has me bamboozled. I sure hope a bug fix version comes out soon this CC ( Constant Crashing) has rendered my workflow useless.