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    Transfer of License: how to get a new Case number from Adobe?

    pixelwrangler Level 1

      Even though I had transferred an Adobe license (retail) years ago, I went on the Adobe website today to see what the current procedure is these days. Seems it hasn't changed much.


      What HAS changed, though, is the process of just getting a new Case number. First I tried Adobe Chat - the agent had absolutely no idea of what I was talking about. I suspect his command of English was just not good enough. As an Adobe customer since Photoshop 2.0, and a current Creative Cloud subscriber, I find it kind of absurd that the long-time industry leader in software for creatives STILL hasn't bothered to improve its support beyond what is obviously a boiler-room operation somewhere overseas.


      I next tried the phone: I was connected to someone who understood English "sort of" well enough to figure out what I was asking, BUT her SPOKEN English was almost completely unintelligible. After a couple of dead ends,  which included her asking for my Director Serial numbers - which she then said Adobe had no record of (I'm looking at them on my Adobe Account right now!) - I think she finally understood what I was asking, but maybe not.


      Instead of giving me a case number, she asked me to send an email to ecs@adobe.com, describing the 2 Director licenses I want to transfer. Does anyone know if this is the correct procedure?


      TIA for your collective wisdom!