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    Camera zooming in problem, when motion blur enabled.


      I'm using a one-node camera.


      I have an object on screen, with 3D enabled, with motion blur enabled. The composition has motion blur enabled.


      Using the camera, I zoom out and halt (moving its Z position), and everything is fine. However, as soon as I start to zoom in, the 3D object disappears during motion, but when the camera gets to its destination halt, the 3D objects reappears. As I scroll through the timeline at a slow rate, the 3D objects actually fades away as if its opacity was being tampered with, then it reappears suddenly at the camera's destination. But I did not do anything to the opacity at all.


      This only happens when motion blur is enabled. Also, this only happens when zooming in; zooming out works just fine.


      Any ideas to why this problem is happening?