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    Zooming each bookmark view?

    The Majestic Glory

      I have a large PDF (500 pages) with named bookmarks.  When I open the file, the bookmarks appear, but I have to rename each bookmark according to the contents of each page.  Here's my problem, each page's information is rather small print, and I need to zoom in at 150%, but I have to click on each bookmark or page to zoom in.  Isn't there a way where I can open the file at 150% and each page will appear in that zoom?  I highlighted each bookmark and went into Properties and Action and added View>Zoom>Zoom To...  However, it opens the dialog box for you to choose the magnification each time.  We're trying to avoid that action and want the entire file and bookmarks to always open at 150% magnification without choosing it each time.  Do I need to create a macro for this, and if so, what and how should I do this?  Our firm has Acrobat XI Pro (Version 11.0.18).