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    Incorrect login ID or password

    emilie skiphamnh78221234

      (I am using a mac) I bought an E-Book from human kinetics for school. I downloaded Adobe Digitals Edits just like the instructions said. If I try to authorize the computer using my Adobe ID I get this error: Incorrect login ID or password for the selected eBook vendor. Please try again. I contacted adobe customer support and got to chat briefly with a person saying that they could not answer my question. So after many hours searching here I have tried a few things but nothing have worked.

      1. I know my email and password are correct

      2. My password does not contain any signs other than letters and numbers, which you have to have according to Adobe ID (tried to change it to see if that would work)

      3. I get the same error both when I start the authorization when the program is opened, and when I try to open the book first.

      4. I can not do the cmd + shift + D thing, because I have never authorized the app before and it is not even an option (tried that too)

      5. I have tried uninstalling it and installing it again, and using another version of the program. I also tried using the app on my iPhone.


      I really need help as the book is really expensive and I am going to use it when I am going to the university.


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