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    How to cancel monthly subscription & waive cancellation fees


      What number or who do I have to call to speak with an agent?

      I have been on hold for over an hour to the customer service phone number: 800-443-8158


      Can I just call the bank to dispute the charge.


      Here is my story:


      November of 2015, I signed up for Adobe creative cloud but realized that I no longer needed on my laptop. I called customer service to cancel the plan in July of 2016 The Agent told me I am subject to the cancellation fees 50% of the rest monthly fees. Otherwise,

      " The best I can do I can give next 3 months free in your subscription Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition (one-year) or give you a discounted price for 19.99$ per month for a year " I fell for it, thinking that my subscription would be canceled after my one year contract was expired. I was clear to the agent that I did not want to renew or did I authorize automatic renewal.


      Now, I am being charged for $29.99 a month and when I click cancel my account online, this appears:

      If you cancel now...


      • ","redEnd":"","amount":"US$149.95"}" class="ng-scope ng-binding" style="box-sizing: border-box;">You'll be charged a US$149.95 cancellation fee (50% of your remaining annual contract).



      This monthly subscription is a trap, I want to escape from it and never want to use the service again. I really love the product but I hate the services. I wish Adobe goes back to the traditional software when it was so easy to purchase and use.