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    Air SDK 22 is not treating Font style and Font size same as Air SDK 14 ?


      i have a project build on Air SDK 14 and when i try to upgrade my SDK to 22 and  build the same project with same Font Style and Font Size ,

      the resultant build with SDK 22 is very different from project build in SDK 14.


      The fonts size and style got differ (font size got smaller)

      i have used font size 12 in my previous build but it looks good in that build but when i build the same project with the same 12 font size in the SDK 22 the font size appears to be 9 or 10 and also the font style is being treated different from SDK 22.

      So what i should do to get the same result with SDK 22 .


      Except that there are some labels are also missing from my HAccordion i tried every possible way but its not showing it , but its showing labels on VAccordion


      PS : i also tried to increase font size and change font style but unable to get the same result , please suggest for both the issue