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    Having Issues Importing Video Frames to Layers


      Hello there!

      I have a question about a feature on Photoshop,


      I downloaded Photoshop CC 2015 several years ago and I have been using it since then. For years now I have been able to save all of the videos I have downloaded from my software of movies and TV shows, and I have downloaded all of my episodes as a VLC file to use as a gifs. I can easily pull up my VLC file (that is an .mp4) and Photoshop has been able to read all of the episodes I have used so far when I import them as layers on a document. However just a few days ago everything just stopped working for some reason. I can not tell if it is on Photoshop's end, if its VLC or if its the movie/tv show/ software that I have been using.


      But for the first two or three days, I have encountered that when I load and import a regular .mp4 VLC file as usual, there were occurrences where I received the error from Photoshop saying "Could not complete the video frames to layers because the file doesn't exist" which I see does, and it works on both my VLC and Quicktime fine.


      Then after some time of trying to download them again I have been getting the green screen where the import box comes up that allows me to choose a specific range of frames to import to my timeline, the screen is completely green and freezes. I have heard it may be because it may be a silent audio? I dont know much about technology, so I assumed it was probably because I had my volume turned down when I was recording it and it came out as a silent audio, so I have kept the audio on, but I still face the same issue, even when the file does have audio to it. And I get this issue commonly just trying to import and not messing with the file after I have downloaded it.


      So I tried downloading Handbreak to convert my .mp4 VLC file to a new .mp4 file which in turn allowed me to import it but with terrible quality. So i tried using HD Video Converter, however when I download a high quality .mp4 that still plays in Quicktime and VLC, it now shows me a white screen that covers all of my frames.


      I am just so lost, I have read over so many other people's similar experiences, and have tried everything when it came to the audio and the video format but everything, just how of the blue, stopped working, after it has been working with no problem for years.


      I am hoping you may some insight into what may be ruining my files and what I need to do to make them work again like they used to.





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          Barbara Ash Adobe Community Professional

          Do you have the most current version of QuickTime?

          Have you tried importing fewer frames at one time? In Photoshop CS6 there used to be a limitation of 500 frames; don't know if this is the case with Photoshop CC.

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            ashtogriffin10 Level 1

            I greatly appreciate you getting back to me so soon Barbara!


            Yes I have the current version of QuickTime, and it is strange that every .mp4 file I have plays perfectly on it and VLC but doesn't on Photoshop. I just don't get it, it is the same recommended format, I am not sure what I am missing.


            I honestly don't mind converting it AGAIN to another .mp4 and using it since it appears its the only solution that works, I just dread the low quality it provides me. And I still can not quite fathom how this happened in the first place.


            And yes I have, Photoshop CC also has the limitation of 500 frames as well, however it is hard to import even a small amount of frames since when I import the preview of my video I am adding to my timeline, it is covered with either a green or a white screen. Do you think I should update my Photoshop to the newest version?


            I was thinking for a while that it was VLC causing the issue, but all the files I have are working perfectly, and I only experience issues when I am trying to import them. Does Photoshop CS6 have an complications or requirements with importing videos that you may know of?




            I will upload images shortly.


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              ashtogriffin10 Level 1

              Okay after working more on the HD Converter it seems like I am able to import my converted file to Photoshop and it does not show the white screen anymore.


              I also toggled with the filters and effects on VLC so I think I will be able to manage the quality of the gifs.


              I think that about covers it for now. (Just hope it doesnt refuse to work later haha) I will email or ask any further questions when I have some more. Thank you for your help and advice Barbara!



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                Barbara Ash Adobe Community Professional

                I'm using Photoshop CC 2015 and have not experienced this, but others have complained of this issue and similar for several years. You can log a bug report at Feature Request/Bug Report Form but of course that doesn't address your immediate needs.

                Have you tried using the Adobe CC Cleaner tool? It may fix the problem -- at least it's worth a try. Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems

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                  ashtogriffin10 Level 1

                  I'll do just that! Thank you!

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                    I've downloaded PS CC2017 trial yesterday and 1st it would not start until I renamed the Lavasoft dll file  - then 2nd it seems to have corrupted my standalone Lightroom 6.8 so that it no longer displays the video Play Bar and it will not import video files or Synchronize folders containing a video file and 3rd PS CC 2017 now says it has a program error and it will not Import Video Frames as Layers AND it crashes totally if I try to open a mp4 file ------ really fed up !

                    Tonight found the  ~Spaces tip to get PS CC 2017 to start but that does not do anything for not being able to Import Video Frames or use Lightroom to frame-capture/trim/view videos ....... wish I could find what the problem is and how to fix it. Sounds to me as if it could be related to what you have experienced.