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    Making a button inside a movie clip gotoAndPlay correctly


      I have a button inside a movie clip, and I would like it to play a frame (labeled pscreen) in my main timeline which has the movie clip pscreenfull_mc. So I have put this AS in on the button part of the movie clip on my main timeline:

      on (release) {
      gotoAndStop ("pscreen");

      This does work and it plays the movie clip correctly but the button only works once. If I click the button again, no effect. But If I put

      gotoAndPlay ("pscreen");

      then the movie plays again all the way from the beginning, (including a small portion of the preloader). And the only way the entire movie clip (pscreenfull_mc) plays is if I extend my timeline to about 100 frames. The movie clip "pscreenfull_mc" is about 255 frames long.

      Any suggestions, advice as to how to make the button work correctly? Any help would be greatly appreciated.