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      I received an email with this message.   



      First off we would like to thank you for participating with Fotolia and mention our appreciation for the trust you are expressing by uploading your content to Fotolia. In Fotolia we wish to create a vast and diverse collection. That is why we refrain from accepting images that look too much alike, which can impact your search results and visibility and eventually your commercial success.
        It has repeatedly come to our attention that you uploaded numerous versions of the same image to Fotolia, thereby straining the capacities of the moderation process above average. As a result, your member account has been automatically blocked.
        As a general rule, contributors should limit themselves to three significant versions of one motif on average (unless the complexity of the image’s promotional message calls for an exception). Our years of experience have shown that this small number of versions of a motif facilitates the commercial success of the respective files at the best. Moreover, Fotolia cannot assist or advise contributors in the selection of his most promising contents from a series, within the scope of the moderation process.
        We would therefore urge you to take this into account for the future, to refrain from multiple uploads of too similar files and to remove duplicate files from your portfolio. Please confirm the acknowledgment of this message and your willingness to observe these rules in the future by replying to this email.
        The continuing disregard of these rules can result in re-blockage or even termination of the member account. However, this is not in our interest and we appreciate your understanding in establishing a constructive collaboration.





      Recognize it and will improve.