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    Remove extraneous image files from RH6 project


      I'm using RH6 (RoboHelp HTML) on Windows XP to generate WebHelp.

      I imported an HTML file from another RH6 project. This HTML file had 5 images (.PNG files) included in the file which will also imported into the project file. Well, I deleted the HTML and now I want to delete those 5 image files. When I click the Project tab, open the Images folder, and right-click to delete the files, the Delete option is not listed. I also hesitate to delete the file directly from the drive where the project file and all associated files are located... I recall a post that said to delete any files from within RH6 and not through Windows.

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          Gravenstein Level 2
          Hi FMnRH -

          If an image file is showing up in the RH Images folder, then RH is still using it somewhere. Right-click on the graphic filename in Images and select Properties. Then look at the Used In tab to see which topic is using the graphic. Once all those connections are cleared and the project saved, the graphic will drop off the list. At that point you can delete it from Windows.