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    Letter L looks bolded in PDF


      Hi there,


      I have really annoying problem.


      I have a logo design which was made in illustrator.


      Logo includes normal text which has been expanded. (It is outlines not text anymore).


      The logo looks good in illustrator and inside indesign.


      I placed the logo as a illustrator file to indesign and exported it as a PDF.


      When I zoom in to the PDF the logo looks very good, but when I zoom out to the hole page view the problems begin. Otherwise the logo looks normal but all the letter Ls look bolded altought they are not.


      I read in another forum that don´t convert text to graphics and it might help but it really didn´t.


      Can I get rid of the wrong looking letter Ls in PDFs or is it just something I have to live with? ...I wouldn´t want to show my client a logo which acts this wierd in PDF... 


      (I used adobe acrobat to view the PDF.)




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