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    Where are Metadata edits for Lightroom mobile / iPad?


      It is now 2017. Can any Adobe insider tell me why metadata input/edit is still not available on an iPad? Has some kind of survey precluded this feature from the work list? How many photographers like me are not as interested in doing careful edits on a 9" ipad as they would like to do their sorts and potentials, names and captions, locations and keywording in their nightly reviews and on the road? In the age of travel lighter, I still need my laptop. In the long list of credits, how many names are working on the mobile Library functions?


      In my experience, iPad "Edit" is fine for snapshots, but initial editing on my iPad usually gets adjusted when an image arrives at a large, profiled monitor. Quality in serious workflow - "selects," commercial, print, archival - is best done more efficiently in a "lightroom" with the full LR version (and with all the memory you can put in a "pro" machine). That still seems to be a given in the engineering of the software. 


      If you are limiting LRM to casual amateur or digital media output, then name it "Photoshop Lightroom Digital Media - LRDM," and someone will nickname it "Lighter and Dumber." The genius of LR in its inception was putting the bleeding edge, best digital photogaphers in the field (in Iceland, remember?) and in the code editing room to tell the software engineers what and how the program worked for their workflow. Are the engineers still asking serious and professional photograghers to make the priority list of what is still missing? When pro camera bags have included iPad pockets for years, how is putting name and caption on an iPhone but not an iPad even a toe-in-the-water for your core market? If that is the case, just be honest with us and tell us we will always need to carry our "pro" laptops. Is it time for me to give up my iPad for LRM and put the money into the new faster and lighter MBPro for thr real LR?

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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Any "Adobe insider" would not tell you this kind of information. It would breach his or her NDA.


          However, as you noticed, some metadata editing finally arrived in LrM's iPhone app in the recent version 2.6 - just titles and captions. The iPhone app had a number of other UI changes and, since the iPad and iPhone apps have been very close in features and UI, you might expect something similar on the iPad. It's an obvious route - get the wrinkles ironed out on the more difficult platform, then port the changes to other environments. We'll just have to see. For now, you can log onto lightroom.adobe.com in the mobile web browser and change titles and captions.


          I don't think Adobe have ever hyped LrM as a substitute for Lightroom on a laptop. Of course, tablet vendors happily encourage that idea. Maybe one day it will be true, but for now it seems a case of wishful thinking.