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    How to view JPEG imported next to raw?

    rarewolf Level 1

      I shoot JPEG+RAW, and while I work primarily with the raw I sometimes like to see the jpeg for knowing how the camera interpreted the colour.


      Recently I decided to rename the files when importing but if I ask that the raw+JPEG pairs be separate the file naming is inconsistent. For example, for 4 pairs the sequence is 1-8, not 1-4, and sometimes odd #s will be inconsistently raw or jpeg. The only way I can get the file naming to be consistent is to disable the import preference "treat raw+JPEG pairs as separate photos".


      This works like i want but I cannot find a way to inspect the jpeg. The jpeg is clearly imported and named properly, but re-synchronizing the folder doesn't work as it did in previous versions of Lr. Please advise...



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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          You could right-click the raw thumbnail and do Show In Finder (Mac) or Show In Explorer (Windows).  Then in Finder / Explorer, double-click the corresponding .jpg to open it in the default previewer.  On Mac, Preview is color-managed, so you should see similar colors as in LR.  However, the default photo viewer included in Windows 10 is not color managed, so you'd have to find a third-party viewer that is.