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    Numbers in list different font from text

      I tried posting this in the Framemaker Integration forum, but got no takers. I was hoping someone here could help:

      OK - I have a one page Framemaker 8 document that I'm pulling into RH7 as a test. After LOTS of playing, I have gotten everything PERFECT but one problem: the font on my numbered lists in RH is Verdana 8 (as it should be), but the font of the actual NUMBERS on the list is Times New Roman - only in Preview or compiled view.

      In "Style Settings" I have checked off "Convert AutoNumber to HTML List". In "Style Mapping" I have my Framemaker numbered styles linked to a Normal (Verdana 8pt) style.

      When I update from Framemaker, the text in the RH Design pane looks great - the numbers in the list are Verdana 8. When I preview or compile the page, however, the numbers change to Times New Roman.

      I have discovered that when I switch to the "fmstyles.css", everything looks perfect even in preview mode. However, when I force an update from Framemaker, the custom .css gets recreated and reapplied.

      HELP! Please tell me I am not going to have to keep switching .css files anytime I import a file from Framemaker.

      Any ideas?

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          Amebr-ke0mH4 Level 2
          I can't help with the Framemaker side of things, but if you can't figure anything out on that side, there might be an easy workaround in RH.

          I have two sets of styles defined per style in RH. Admittedly this is a legacy system, so possible a new stylesheet in RH7 might be different.

          The first thing I'd try, as you are using RH7, is to edit a style in RH. You don't actually need to change anything, just click OK for an existing property, for example, Format > Style, select Normal, then click Format > Font and OK.

          Check to see if this fixes the problem.

          If not, open the stylesheet in your text editor of choice and find your style. You should find two entries:
          e.g. P.Numbered and LI.P-Numbered

          Make sure both have the same font-size and font-family.

          I believe the LI.P- style is the one that controls preview and output, while the P. version controls the editor view.

          Unfortunately I don't know how to force this each time you import from Framemaker as I don't use that app. The best I could suggest is to get the stylesheet set up correctly and save a copy elsewhere, then copy it across after each conversion.

          (One question, you say you have the Framemaker numbered style linked to a Normal style. Is that in Framemaker? Perhaps there is a numbered style you could link to instead?)