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    Can Animate solve the "fill gap" problems in canvas?

    abnesher Level 1

      Hi all,


      I've been struggling with some very simple drawing tasks in Animate. The issue comes from using fills next to other fills. This will often result in a very thin transparent gap between two fills, that were supposed to line up without any gap.



      As I understand it, the problem is inherent to the way canvas works and not how Animate works...BUT, has anyone here enough knowledge about the issue, that they might be able to enlighten me: Is it at all possible, for Adobe Animate CC to solve this or work around this problem, so fills will behave in canvas exactly as they do in SWF? Or will this never be solved as "it's just how canvas works"?


      PS. I prefer to draw stuff this way in Animate, as it makes it a lot easier and faster to animate the stuff I'm drawing. I know I could just use bitmaps, but that's not what I want to do because animation.