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    Network keeps going offline


      This is very unusual, but we seem to have narrowed the problem down to what seems to be Adobe Creative Cloud which crashes the network for only that computer and usually we have to run a DOS command of "netsh int ip reset" reboot the computer and it works.  The question is why is this happening?  Here's some details:


      We've reformatted the hard drive multiple times, replaced the network card and cable, also replaced the entire computer 3 times.  So we know it is nothing to do with the hardware.  Also, they are the only person in this entire company that has a problem with local network and Internet going down multiple times per day sometimes.  The only software different on this computer from the others is Adobe Create Cloud is installed.


      We can ping the router and Google and it resolves the name to IP so we know DNS is working, we just can't browse the local network or the Internet and remote tools and other apps that require Internet do not work.  We fix it but have to keep fixing it.


      Since we've ruled out hardware and viruses, being the same issue on 3 different computers, has anyone seen Adobe Create Cloud cause the network to crash?  Do you know what we have to do to solve this issue?  They need to use the software and I can't prove what exactly is triggering the Internet to go down.

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Adobe Creative Cloud forum.


          I am sorry Twinbytesinc I have never heard any reports of the behavior you have described.  I moved your discussion to the Adobe Creative Cloud for more visibility from individuals who may be experiencing unexpected behavior after the applications are installed .

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            We had a similar experience to twinbytesinc in that the user could ping and resolve DNS, but could not browse the internet in any browser and other applications like Google Drive lost connection.  We also found that the issue followed from computer to computer when we ended up replacing the entire machine. 


            After exhaustive testing we were still left scratching our heads at the issue, so we started making preparations to move the user over to a new computer.  In this case, we had the benefit of a fresh Windows 10 install.  The only applications we installed were AVG Business and the CC Desktop with the user's apps from their Teams account.  Not long after all of the apps were installed, the issue resurfaced. 

            After stopping CC Desktop from running at startup and rebooting, the issue has been resolved. 


            It's the second time I've seen an issue like this, and this is the first time we've had a clean and explainable result.  Not sure what's caused it (could be a conflict with AVG and CC Desktop?), but hopefully this info will be helpful to others.

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              I struggle with a similar problem. Since I use the Creative Cloud I am only able to use google and youtube, no others websites work. I uninstalled Adobe, and everything worked fine again. When I downloaded it again the same problem occured. Wifi connects but no websites will load, using a cable does not work either.

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                Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                Kimv44249942 I would recommend reviewing the settings for your software firewall or security software.  From your post it sounds like the Creative Cloud software is being blocked under the current configuration.  This is leading to additional system resources being utilized.

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                  TwinbytesInc Level 1

                  It's been a month now after redoing this guys computer again but not installing AVG this time it works perfectly.  AVG obviously seems to be knocking the connection everytime Adobe Create Cloud is used.


                  I just had a 2nd client with the same issue now, sure enough every computer in their office had Windows 10 with AVG but only one had Adobe Create Cloud as well and it was having these same problems.

                  I formatted the hard drive and reinstalled everything, same problem.  I tried adding Adobe Creative Cloud to the exceptions, same problem.  Now I've uninstalled AVG protection and will see if it continues to work.


                  It basically seems AVG is conflicting with Adobe Create Cloud and crashing the Internet.  Solution seems to be remove AVG and use the Windows 10 built in Security Essentials.  Until further notice, this is the solution.

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                    TwinbytesInc Level 1

                    According to AVG we need to add Adobe Creative Suites folder and executables to the exceptions.  I need to know what .exe files and folders need to be added to the exceptions since there is no information for me to go by in the AVG reports.  Please advise what needs to be added to the exceptions and we can try that.

                    Thanks in advance.