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    Where are person keywords stored?

    dmoffat323 Level 1

      I use CS6 Bridge and CS6 Photoshop on an iMac to process my images off a Nikon 7200.  I have about 30,000 images with about half scanned from slides.  I use folders to break out years and major events.  I batch rename the image filenames to get rid of the camera nomenclature and to create an image sequence within an event.  I want to add face recognition and have essentially ruled out Photos because it doesn't handle scanned images well.  No sorting on filename!  Lightroom appears to have some potential but I need to know where the person keywords are stored.  The ideal place is in the image metadata so I can find people on any computer with Lightroom.  I add some names to test images then went back to Bridge but I could find the names in the image metadata.  If Lightroom creates it own separate file to store image and person keywords, then I can only do a search for people on the host computer.


      Another potential problems is renaming an image in Bridge after Lightroom has created person keywords.  If the keyword info is stored in the image metadata, then no problem.  If not then linking is broken.


      I am on a 7 day trial of Lightroom and need to sort this out quickly.  Really appreciate some feedback and guidance.



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          dj_paige Level 10

          The person keywords are stored in Lightroom's database. Bridge cannot access or use this information. If you want some other Lightroom to access this information, you have to send that other Lightroom installation the catalog file (or a portion of it).


          Advice: it is best to not use Bridge and Lightroom together, just use Lightroom for all your image management tasks; but if you must use Bridge and Lightroom together (which I hope you don't do), DO NOT rename photos in Bridge. This essentially makes your work done in Lightroom useless.

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            dmoffat323 Level 1

            I poked around and found the catalogue file created by Lightroom, so I understand than part.  My test was not in Pictures.  I keep all my Photoshop edited images in Dropbox so I can access them anywhere or link in family and/or friends.  Will Lightroom create the catalogue in Dropbox if the images are there?  If I put Lightroom on my laptop too, which stays current with my main computer via Dropbox, will the linkages be OK such that I can access all the work done on the main computer when the laptop is offline?

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              dj_paige Level 10

              Photos have to be on one of your hard disks, or a network drive. So since Dropbox is a folder on one of your hard disks, Lightroom can make use of these photos that are in the Dropbox folder on your hard disk. Lightroom cannot use the version of the photos that Dropbox stores in "the cloud".


              If your laptop Dropbox folder is the exact same folder path and name as on the other computer, your LR catalog should not have problems accessing these photos.


              Hhowever putting the catalog in Dropbox to keep it "synchronized" on both computers is problematic, if you launch LR before Dropbox synchronizes the catalog file, you could wind up with corrupt catalogs on both computers, so I can't recommend doing this.


              Also note that Lightroom needs the originals to be stored in Dropbox, the edited version are not stored in Dropbox unless you export the photos to a Dropbox folder or subfolder.

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                dmoffat323 Level 1

                This has been a very helpful discussion, so thanks very much.  I need to give you a little background to provide a better context for my questions.  I am in my mid-70’s and have digitized images from 2 grandfathers and my father, thus the large quantity of scans and 30,000 digital images over 120 years.  I have 2 end objectives;

                1. 1. To be able to quickly share select images with friends and to easily access my images while traveling.  Thus the use of Dropbox, which also provides another level of backup.
                2. 2. To use facial recognition to identify people that the extended family may wish to know as they familiarize themselves with their heritage.  I already have extensive family trees on Ancestry.


                Currently I take a number of images in an event into Bridge to weed out the lousy shots then go to Photoshop with the images I want to keep.  When done, I keep 2 copies; the originals in Pictures and the Photoshop modified in Dropbox.  Before moving the latter into Dropbox, I use Bridge to reorder and batch rename them.  I shoot primarily .jpg and obviously don’t take advantage of the non-destructive features in Photoshop.


                From what I have seen and tried with Lightroom, the face recognition is good as is the screen presentation and the features.  However I can’t see a way around having 3 copies of my images unless I comprise my 2 objectives; the originals, the Photoshop modified in Dropbox, and those in Lightroom because they are needed to create the links to person keywords. The situation is similar if I use Photos (but it lacks a filename sort, which is necessary with scans).  Those who want person keyword retrieval would have to be given the huge Lightroom or Photos file and have that software on their computer.  Without the Dropbox images, sharing is tedious as images would have to be exported from both Lightroom and Photos and then put in Dropbox.


                What am I missing?  Any thoughts about achieving my 2 objectives?

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                  dj_paige Level 10

                  Do the whole thing in Lightroom. You are just making your life more difficult if you do it using 3 pieces of software.


                  Look into Lightroom Mobile as the method of sharing your photos across the internet to various members of your family.