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    Placed images are wrong size

    Christo14 Level 3

      I have Muse Blank Slideshow Widget at size 1049px x 133px with and used 3 random placeholder images while I styled the Widget.


      I then proceeded to set up my real images for placement into the slideshow.


      The Muse document is set to High DPI so I made an image at size 2098px x 266px. Exactly double the size. Then saved as JPEG.


      When I imported the image into the widget by replacing one of the placeholder images, it was off-centre and required moving and scaling to size in the widget.


      When I previewed in browser the new image was pixellated as if it was not a HiDPI image.


      I decided to simply place the image in the document and Preview in Browser to see what was going on:

      1. The jpg image placed at a smaller size than it should: The image size was 1024px x 130px when it should place as 1049px x 133px.
      2. I saved the image as a .png and placed it in Muse, it that image was a little smaller also.
      3. I previewed in Browser - the placed images Previewed in High Resolution, the image in the slideshow previewed in low resolution. Even though both images were the same image.
      4. I checked my image dimensions for errors. No errors.
      5. I rebuilt my image from scratch, made a .jpg and .png version @2x again and placed them in Muse. Thy both placed at the same size this time, but again a little smaller than they should be. They previewed in Hi Res however.
      6. I placed the new image in the slideshow, it still previews in low resolution, even though it's a HiDPI image. And it is smaller than what it should be.