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    Where are person keywords stored by Lightroom


      I use CS6 Bridge and CS6 Photoshop on an iMac to process my images off a Nikon 7200.  I have about 30,000 images with about half scanned from slides.  I use folders to break out years and major events.  I batch rename the image filenames to get rid of the camera nomenclature and to create an image sequence within an event.  I want to add face recognition and have essentially ruled out Photos because it doesn't handle scanned images well.  No sorting on filename!  Lightroom appears to have some potential but I need to know where the person keywords are stored.  The ideal place is in the image metadata so I can find people on any computer with Lightroom.  I add some names to test images then went back to Bridge but I couldn't find the names in the image metadata.  If Lightroom creates it own separate file to store image and person keywords, then I can only do a search for people on the host computer.


      Another potential problems is renaming an image in Bridge after Lightroom has created person keywords.  If the keyword info is stored in the image metadata, then no problem.  If not then linking is broken.


      I am on a 7 day trial of Lightroom and need to sort this out quickly.  Really appreciate some feedback and guidance.