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    Lightroom Mobile not showing images full screen in Landscape mode


      I use Lightroom Mobile (on  my iPhone SE) to rate and review images from my shoots, mirroring it to a large TV. I have incorporated this process into my workflow, but since the December 8th update, there seems to be glitches that keep me from using Lightroom Mobile this way anymore.


      One big issue I'm having is that because of the thumbnail bar at the bottom of the image screen, the images can't be viewed full screen anymore. What I mean (should you want to try to duplicate this phenomenon), if I go into Lightroom Mobile, open a collection of images, tap on an image to view that single image, go into the "Rate and Review" section, and rotate my phone into "landscape mode" (horizontal), I see my image in the center, metadata info on the left, a big ugly star rating bar going through the center of my image (ugh), and a thumbnail bar on the bottom. If I tap to view JUST the image, all the other stuff goes away including the thumbnail bar, but the image does not expand to full screen. There is still an empty space on the bottom of the screen where the thumbnail bar used to be. I believe this is not just landscape mode, either. I think that space at the bottom always stays there. Shouldn't the image expand to be as full screen as possible, when all the other info goes away?? And I'm not talking about double tapping an image to viewit at 100%, either. I mean having the image expand top and bottom to the edge of the device's screen, still viewing the entire image. Just having it as big as possible. Is this a glitch now? And if so, when will it be fixed so I can continue using this app for reviewing my photos full screen?


      Granted, I realize I'm using a small iPhone screen to run Lightroom Mobile. But shouldn't this app have been tested on all mobile screens before it was released? Does anyone have an iPad and can test if this same thing happens? I just want to be able to review my images the way I did before the update... full screen with nothing else blocking the image... swiping left and right to scroll through images (no need for some tiny thumbnail bar)... and swiping up to give them star ratings. It was a quick and efficient method of reviewing images prior to the December 8th update. Now, it's cumbersome and inefficient.

      So when is the next update coming out to fix this previous update?