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    How do I find/retrieve lost serial number/key?




      I have lightroom 5.2 on my laptop, it is a version that came free bundled with my Canon Pixma printer that I bought a few years ago. The serial number was included on a sticker on the box (if I recall... it was quite a while ago...!)


      I have been using LR without any problems, until last week when I needed to re-install windows 10.


      The re-installation of the o/s did not seem to uninstall my copy of LR, at least, I was able to open LR and although the catalog was gone I was able to navigate to a folder that was still on my hard drive and open up my catalog from before. So everything seems to be as it was before my laptopn crashed.


      The problem I have is that LR will only boot up in trial mode. Every time I open it I am asked to either provide a serial number, purchase one on-line, or use a 30-day free trial. It must be the same software I was using before, I haven't had to re-download or re-install lightroom since re-installing windows 10. So I dont know why the change?


      I do not have the serial number any more, and I dont think I ever registered on-line.


      Is there any way to retrieve the serial number from existing files on my laptop? It seems strange that lightroom is still on my laptop after re-installation of windows, with all the files backed-up, but isn't able to remember that it is a registered version. Can I find this out somehow? Or am I stuck now having to purchase a new version?


      Many thanks


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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can try going to ProgramData\Adobe\Lightroom and see if there is a lrreg file for Lightroom 5. If there is, you can open that file with Notepad and retrieve your serial number. The ProgramData  folder is a hidden folder, so you might have to change your folder options in order to find it. If that doesn't work then you can go to your Adobe account online and your information should be available there.

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            Rocket.1978 Level 1

            Many thanks for the suggestions Jim.


            Unfortunately I cant find an lrreg file anywhere, or even the ProgramData folder (I have selected to show hidden folders/files).


            My laptop has two drives, the C drive (which I think is where the O/S installed) I guess was over-ridden when I had to re-install windows, although there is a folder called 'windows.old' which I presume is a back-up of the old o/s, though I have searched in there to no avail.


            The actual copy of LR was originally installed onto the second (D) drive, which is the larger of my hard drives where I tend to install most of my aps and save my own personal files. I dont know (or really understand) how much of this would've been changed when I re-installed windows. I did go for the re-install option that said it would keep my personal files intact, and it does seem to me that a lot of my own files are still there on the D drive - but possibly not all of them. So I presume that the re-installation mainly effected files on my C drive. But i'm guessing.


            Either way, there is a LR folder still on the D drive with a ton of files in it. Like I say, I was able to open the software without having to download or re-install anything further, and I was able to locate my orignial LR catalogs and load them up. So it looks like most of the LR stuff is still on my laptop even after re-installing windows. Everything, except for the serial number!!


            I dont think I ever registered LR with my Adobe on-line account. It was a free copy of LR that came bundled with my printer and some other software (premier elements, if I recall) and I only installed it our of curiosity (I mainly use Photoshop CS5) and probably never expected to become so reliant on it!! But over time I started to use LR more and more, but just never initially registered the software with Adobe. You live and learn... looks like it could be an expensive lesson as I dont think I will be able to go without LR now that I have spent months (years!) cataloging, keywording, etc