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      i'm a graphic designer. i guess most would refer to me as a print designer (seeing as i don't know any coding at all!). A lot of my web designer buddies bash dreamweaver. They claim that it writes horrible code and needs to be re-coded by a web developer anyways.

      Is Catalyst going to be the same sort of thing? I've tried to learn actionscript but failed! I found it very hard and like i said before ... i hate code! Will catalyst enable me to actually create websites without AS, or will i have to send it to AS developers in the end? Can it create preloaders?
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          Victor Kimmuyu
          Welcome to the club mars1234567898. But the bit about hating code is somehow.....bad. I am also an actionscript wannabe and i've found it not really hard to understand especially if you start off with 2.0. There are a bunch of helpful downloadable videos here, the adobe Actionscript documentation(2.0) is a great thing. I recommend that you download the .pdf versions. You can get them there GO FOR IT!