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    Authorize computers


      After I authorized the computer I bought the book on (at work) I wanted to send the book home to read.  It said I could authorize up to 6 computers, but when I clicked on Help/Authorize Computer nothing happened.  How can I authorize other computers?

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          martini72629720 Level 1

          No one has answered this question for two weeks.  I bought the book from Wiley.  They say to contact Adobe.  I contact Adobe and they say to contact the Forum because the Adobe Digital Editions app is free. Looks like you have a lot of personnel in the Forum, but no one has answered my question.  I will never buy another digital book if I can't get this straightened out. I read the book fine at work.  I downloaded the book at work to an external flash drive.  I downloaded the ADE app to my home computer which is where I want to read the book.  The book appears in the library, but it loops up and says "Not Responding."  What do I do?

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            jay neod31621565 Level 1

            No one answered this for me either.  What we have to do is buy a digital for every device we own.  I was just as miffed with this one chat answer before I was told to ask it again in the forums.  What I suggest is try to buy on a Kindle reader, and bypass Adobe.  Google Play gave me my money back, yet the publisher direct has not done that yet.  The other way is to buy direct from Adobe.


            I hope they fix this problem.  Or at least address it.    It is being asked in many different ways.  No answers.