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    Topics not Viewed

    Chris McQuillen



      I'm looking for a way to see which topics are not being viewed in my Help site. I'm using RH 2015 with responsive HTML5 SSL and hosting on RoboServer 9.


      The RoboServer reports provides a view count for topics that have been viewed in a given time frame, but I would like to see what topics were not accessed in that same time frame.


      I was hoping there was an easy way to export the topic list inside RoboHelp - where it lets you filter by TOC, TOC Name, Status etc.  This way I could blend the topic list with view count data from the Frequently Viewed Topic report (provided in RoboServer admin console). However, I have not figured out how to pull a list of all topics - in particular all topics used in a specific TOC.


      Does anybody have an ideas of how to accomplish this?


      Thank you!



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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          RoboHelp does offer reports that allow you to choose different criteria. Have you looked at them?


          Unfortunately my crystal ball is broken so I'm unable to divine what version of RoboHelp you are using. But if it's 2015 release, click the Tools tab and look at the left side of the ribbon. There you will see a few different icons for reports.




          If you click Topic Properties it may offer what you need.


          Once the dialog appears, click the Options button to see filtering options.




          Cheers... Rick