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    make a Tax Form


      I am trying to make a tax form into a fill in that will calculate. The problem I'm running into is that I have to make a custom calculation script and I've never done that before. Most of the forms i have to make are very simple.


      line 1E (this is the line i'm putting the script in) shows (1A-1B+1C+1D)

      Sometimes line 1C can be a loss (negative number) but when calculating the taxable income you cant use a loss, only zero or positive numbers.

      So i believe i'd need an if/else statement something like


      if 1C is < 0 then 1A-1B+0+1D

      else 1A-1B+1C+1D


      I just have no idea how to put it in as the custom calculation script.

      I've read thru the forum but cant find anything dealing with this.


      Thank you!

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You'll need to use a custom calculation script to do that. Something like this:


          var v1 = Number(this.getField("1A").valueAsString);
          var v2 = Number(this.getField("1B").valueAsString);
          var v3 = Number(this.getField("1C").valueAsString);
          if (v3<0) v3 = 0;
          var v4 = Number(this.getField("1D").valueAsString);
          event.value = v1-v2+v3+v4;
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            dmplstax Level 1

            OMG! I COULD KISS YOU! (or pay you if you prefer lol)

            That worked perfectly! Thank you sooo much!