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    gap between rules and actual content on Adobe Stock

    frank-s Level 1


      one reason for content rejection is 'overly post-processed' and for the actual rejected image it reads: "If it was due to post production effects, know that our customers typically prefer to add their own special effects, filters or black-and-white conversions to fit the needs of their projects, so adding these effects in advance drastically reduces the market for your image.".


      So, if you e.g. search on Adobe Stock for LIGHTHOUSE you'll find that apparently the majority of photos is post-processed far beyond natural look.


      My question is: How come that those images are o.k. while apparently other images with far less post-production are rejected? Has the threshold for the decision changed recently and what we see online is the 'past' or how is that gap between rules and implementation explained?


      Any thoughts or explanations?